About Us

Overview of Super Effort Technology Ltd

Super Effort Technology Limited (“SE”), was founded since 1993, is a full-service IT solutions provider in Hong Kong and China. SE specializing in provides the best solutions for clients to maximize return on their IT investments. Our deep industry knowledge enables clients to address issues specific to their businesses, and our unmatched networks and services provide the capacity and capability to help ensure we serve our clients extraordinarily well.

Today, SE delivers a broad portfolio of information technology and business process outsourcing services to clients in SME enterprises, retail industries, sizeable telecommunications organization, banking, professional consultancy, health care, Public-Listed companies, government, and multi-national corporations around the world. In order to deliver comprehensive services to clients of cross-border operations and multinational corporations, we have opened an office in both Shenzhen and Shanghai since 2002 to cater our clients’ needs.

SE’s Goals

SE’s goal is to be the leader among Commercial IT organizations in providing secure, high quality, and responsive service to supported organizations in meeting business needs, by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, and building a high-performing workforce dedicated to the success of those they serve. The priorities are to establish a high-performing IT organization, standardize IT infrastructure and business processes, make IT systems more interoperable, and enhance better management of IT Systems appropriation.

I) Mission

The mission of SE is to support world-class service to SMB and MNC by delivering results-oriented, secure, highly available, and cost effective information technology products and services.

II) Vision

SE will fulfill its mission by being a recognized leader in providing results-oriented information technology services to our customers, which including but not limited to

  • Maintaining a full partnership with our customers in solving their business problems
  • Continuously improving service delivery
  • Demonstrating measureable value
  • Having a culture that fosters teamwork, pride in jobs, respect for people, innovation, and excellence


III) Strategic

SE will successfully fulfill its mission in a manner consistent with its vision by achieving the following strategic goals:

  • Provide results-oriented, highly available, and cost effective information technology services
  • Provide a secure environment for customer information and applications
  • Leverage our capabilities to the benefit of other partner agencies
  • Maximize efficiency and effectiveness by providing strong general management and support to our programs