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  • Super Effort Data Centre

    Super Effort Data Centre is a dedicated data center, located in Tai Po Industrial Estate. The data center was officially opened in 2013 with total area of 170,000 square feet. The Tier III + specification design of the data center, with fully redundant infrastructure, an ISO management and safety certification services to ensure high availability and chief business continuity goals, professional and reliable.

    Super Effort, a comprehensive data center management framework, in order to maintain the best condition to ensure that the operation of the data center, greatly enhance the availability, stability and efficiency of the service. As caring customer’s company, we also provide a number of value-added services and high-quality facilities and dedication to the perfect service for your business and employees.

    Features and Benefits


    1. Tier III + infrastructure design

    Data center with Tier III + specification design, with fully redundant infrastructure, in terms of power supply, cooling system, as well as telecommunications systems, and are equipped with at least N +1 standby facilities, multi-source and multi-path way to prevent a single point of failure, to ensure that the operation of properly. Alternate infrastructure for electricity and cooling solutions, with the following main features:
    • 2+1 UPS (uninterrupted power supply) system
    • 2+1 generator
    • All rack equipped with two-way power
    • 6+2 cooling equipment (mainly water-cooled cooling equipment and spare air-cooled cooling equipment)
    • Each region offers N +1 / N +2 CRAC (air conditioning monitoring system)

    2. Network connection

    • Our data center network neutrality, can be connected to up to 100% of the local network services, allowing you to chose freely their own connection service
    • Data center is connected to the Tier 1 Global IP backbone network, providing the absolute high-speed and stable network connections

    3. Strict security measures

    • Multiple security authentication system
    • CCTV surveillance
    • Professional team to provide 24 x 7 monitoring service, strict implementation of security measures, to ensure that your business critical assets and confidential data from unauthorized access

    4. Cabinet and the independent grid

    • Hosting space, including a single rack, independent grid tailored for selection, as well as a dedicated rack
    • Optional standard electricity area (each rack's power supply from 1.5kVA to 3kVA) or high power region (each rack power supply from 3kVA to 6kVA)

    5. Comprehensive customer service equipment

    • Free customer service facilities, including preparation room, conference room, restaurant, WiFi wireless Internet access, printer, notebook and computer

    6. Full range of data center program

    One-stop data center solutions provide superior value-added services, including:
    • Managed data center operation services
      • Environmental protection in the disposal of matter
      • Tape backup management
    • Infrastructure managed services
      • Managed storage services
      • Enterprise Backup Service
      • Dedicated servers and devices hosting
    • Professional services
      • Tailor-made data center services
      • Smart Hand service
    • Network Connections service
      • Metro Ethernet Service
      • Global IP-VPN
      • TV Broadcasting Service
      • Satellite Telecommunications – VSAT

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    Features and Benefits

    Web Hosting

    • Cloud Web Hosting
    • Cloud App Hosting
    • FTP Service
    • Domain Registration

    Email Service

    • Email Hosting
    • Email Monitoring
    • AntiVirus and AntiSpam Filtering

    Microsoft Hosting Plan

    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Microsoft SharePoint (In develop)
    • Microsoft Lync (Testing)

    Server Solutions

    • Cloud Server
    • Dedicated Server

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